The Corvette, a sleek, sporty, sexy styled car that looks like it's going fast even when it's sitting still. In the hands of a skilled driver the Corvette can dominate on a race track. The trouble with Corvettes is they sell them to anybody that can afford them and those people don't always know how to drive.

In this wonderful Thanksgiving Day example, you can see two drivers of Corvettes stopped at a traffic signal. I am guessing both drivers are men. It's almost like one of those nature videos now, you know where the two male rams butt heads until one is knocked senseless? Neither man can stand to see the other in a Corvette, the urge to compete suddenly rises from the primordial loins and boom the light turns green.

Guys sometimes it's just less expensive to mark our territory like dogs do than attempting to drive fast when we don't know how. Here's to men in Corvettes, making sure that everyone will be paying a little bit more for car insurance.

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