What is the difference between a tropical storm and a sub-tropical storm? You'd almost have to be a meteorologist to notice the differences. Sub-tropical storms usually don't get as strong as tropical storms and they tend to be broader areas of circulation. Those are the basic layman differences. To folks along the Southeastern coast of the U.S. tropical or sub-tropical it just means rain, a lot of rain, and some high winds and waves.

The National Hurricane Center designated the area of disturbed weather that we've been following for the past few  days a sub-tropical storm last night about 10pm local time. This designation came after hurricane hunter aircraft checked out the system and found a closed area of circulation and the other parameters for tropical cyclones were met.The system was given the name Ana.

The forecast models show Ana will continue a general northerly to north westerly motion over the next 24-48 hours. This should carry the center of the minimal tropical system on shore in South Carolina sometime Sunday. The system is not moving very fast and therefore the biggest threat will be the heavy rains and high surf along the coastline.

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