It is the peak of Hurricane Season 2016. While the eastern part of the country is still dealing with Tropical Storm Hermine there is something else you need to be aware of. Earlier this week some of the very long range tropical forecast models were suggesting a tropical wave that rolled of the African continent earlier this week could become a trouble spot for the Gulf of Mexico.

Please remember any tropical forecast that extends over a period of time that is greater than two days begins to lose accuracy exponentially over time. So, there hasn't been a lot of credence placed in these forecasts but they do give the National  Hurricane Center a reason to be on alert.

As of now the Hurricane Center is giving this tropical wave a less than favorable chance of strengthening over the next five days. The track of this system is expected to carry it into the very warm waters of the Caribbean Sea by the middle of next week. That's when the system could become a trouble spot.

Remember the reason for a long range tropical forecast is not to scare, it's to remind you to prepare. While our hope is that this system will not affect the area at all, the fact that it could is reason enough for us to watch it here at the radio station and  to keep you up to speed should conditions change.

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