The next few days across Louisiana will not feature the kind of weather the Chamber of Commerce would want to write about in their brochure. The heat and humidity usually reserved for late July and August will be making an early appearance across the state through Saturday.

A weak high pressure system centered over the eastern Gulf will continue to pump moisture over the bayou state. This ridge will also prevent any frontal activity from pushing through the area to cool things off. The combination of heat and humidity gives us the feels like temperature also known as the heat index.

Along the I-10 corridor  from Lake Charles to Lafayette to Baton Rouge actual temperatures will reach into the middle 90's by Friday and Saturday. The heat index will certainly be in the triple digits for the remainder of the week during the afternoon hours.

Along the I-20 corridor from Shreveport to Ruston and Monroe actual air temperatures will be even warmer with the upper 90's expect toward the latter part of the week. Heat indices of 105 or greater will not be uncommon for that part of the state.

Health officials remind you to be cognizant of the heat. If you must be out in it, take frequent breaks and make sure to keep yourself hydrated. The symptoms of a heat stroke can appear rather quickly so keep a watchful eye on those around you. Don't forget your pets. They need shade and cool water to drink to help them beat the heat as well.

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