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Summer officially arrived over the weekend and for most of us it was simply not that big of a deal. We've been dealing with summer-like conditions for the past month. That means we've had an abundance of humidity, the afternoon temperatures have been close to ninety degrees, and we've had our share of afternoon and early evening showers or thunderstorms.

While it might look like we are setting up for a typical Summer in South Louisiana State Climatologist Barry Keim  says the long term outlook for the next three months is for temperatures to be near seasonal norms, while rainfall might be a bit below normal.

We going to probably get more clear skies, more of that direct sunlight.  So just exercise some precautions when you're going out in the afternoon.

Keim's advice was noted in an article published by the Louisiana Radio Network.

The Old Farmer's Almanac concurs with what Keim was saying. They agree the temperatures will be hotter and conditions will be dryer however, their long range outlook includes the threat of a tropical system in mid to late July.

The National Weather Service too is predicting that South Louisiana and much of the Gulf South will be baking in 90 degree heat in the afternoon and our chances of even popcorn thunderstorms won't be that great.

So with all the predictions of plenty of heat and not so much rain it will be incumbent upon all of us to be careful out in the heat.

If you can avoid being out in the warmest part of the day, say from 11 o'clock to 3PM.  That window of time is just brutally hot.  Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun.  If you have to be out, try to be in the shade.  And, obviously, stay well hydrated.

Let's hope you'll heed Mr. Keim's advice and have a safe and for the most part comfortable Summer.