We in the media often alert you about impending heavy downpours and periods of heavy rainfall that can disrupt your travels. It's pretty easy to point out when the heavy stuff will fall when the heavy rains are part of a tropical system or a cold front. However, when the heavy rains come as part of an air mass or "afternoon pop up thunderstorm" it's pretty hard to predict those.

Such was the case on Saturday in New Orleans at the corner of Gravier and St. Charles.

The force of the water being pushed out the top of the utility opening was enough to actually lift the heavy metal lid off of the hole itself. If you've ever tried to lift one of those manhole covers then you know just how much pressure had to be behind that water.

Reporters near this scene in New Orleans said not only did the covers come off the manholes in some locations but the heavy rains and gusty winds were blowing waves across the roadways and the sidewalks.

There is yet another threat of showers and thunderstorms over the southern part of the state again today. Most of them will materialize in the form of those late afternoon/early evening showers and thunderstorms.

Hopefully where you are there won't be flooding rains but if there are, make sure you get out your camera and share what you see with us. You can do that by using our station's free mobile app.

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