High school? College? Running the PTA? At what time will you be the most popular in your entire life.

According to new research in the journal Royal Society Open Science -- what, you don't subscribe? -- a person will be most popular at the age of 25.

According to the Washington Post, the geniuses behind the study looked at the phone records for more than three million people in Europe over the course of a year and discovered "the average number of people a person calls (or is called by) in a given month peaks around age 25. After that, your number of regular social connections nosedives until age 45 or so" when adults begin to remain more in touch with their children, who've become adults.

According to researchers, people tend to communicate with a small group of contacts -- about 15 -- each month and that these tend to be the ones we deal with most in person.

This study does not take into account Americans and appears to have one flaw that shouldn't be overlooked: how many people make phone calls these days? While smartphones are omnipresent, they are also used for texting and emails, which should put the data into question.

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