John Samuel Bond had just received his sentence from the judge in his grand larceny trial. The judge sentenced Bond to time in jail. The accused asked for permission to kiss his wife goodbye before he was to be taken into custody. The judge obliged and Bond used the opportunity to bolt out of the George County Mississippi courtroom. 

The 26-year-old Bond must have thought he stood a pretty good chance of outrunning the George County deputies. What he didn't count on was the presence of George County Circuit Court Clerk Chad Welford. Welford is currently in training for a half Ironman event. If you're not familiar with Ironman competitions they involve running, biking, and swimming and those that compete are in great shape.

So, as the fugitive took off running in the South Mississippi heat so did Welford the Ironman court clerk. After a foot pursuit of about a quarter of a mile Bond decided that hiding in some bushes was a better alternative than running. Welford was right behind him and instructed deputies where to find their man as the escapee gasped for breath in the bushes.

Bond was arrested again with charges of resisting arrest and fleeing added to his grand larceny conviction.

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