Perfume Claims To Be Key To Weightloss
We've all smelled bacon and gotten very hungry. When we walk past a bakery our mouths water and we really need to stop in for a bite. If our nose can make us hungry shouldn't it be able to make us feel full too?
Bacon-Flavored Deodorant
One of Bruce Mikells' favorite companies, J&D Foods, is making him even more happy by bringing yet another bacon-inspired product to the free world -- Power Bacon deodorant!
Guys Make Super Bowl Trophy Out Of Meat
Are you having a Super Bowl party for the 2013 Super Bowl? Well, unless your party has a replica Lombardi Trophy made almost entirely from meat, it won't be as good as the ManBQue party in Chicago.
ManBQue is a Chicago-based grilling club with a focus on grilled meats, booze and music...

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