Did You Know…?– Valentine’s Day Edition
Chances are that on Valentine's Day you know you need to acknowledge your love or affection for your sweetheart. But a stroll through the worldwide web uncovers several interesting facts about the holiday for romance that may surprise you or even impress you.
Brutally Honest Valentines From Kids
Happy Valentines Day! Today is the day we let those we care about most know just how much they mean to us. If you have kids, you know this day can be awesome because of the GREAT homemade cards you can get. Check these out below and have a heartfelt laugh...
6 Priceless Ways to Say “I Love You”
ATTENTION MEN!!! This is the help you have been looking for as far as your Valentines Day dilemma of "What am I supposed to..." There are no sweeter words to hear than I Love You. I believe you can't say that phrase enough, but maybe you want a special way to say it, well here…
World’s Most Romantic Hotels
Want to make Valentine's the most memorable she/he has ever had?  Maybe you can plan this for a few years or decades down the road, but these places are so Dawg Gone romantic!
25 Best Romantic Comedies
Even if you DON'T have a Valentine, these are still pretty bust out the popcorn and chocolates in a box and enjoy! own personal fave is  "When Harry Met Sally"
What Your Roses are Saying
Roses speak the language of love. What lady doesn't love to get roses, especially when they are from that special man in her life. As Tracy was telling you on 97.3 The Dawg just a little while ago. Not only do roses speak the language of love, their colors can say a lot of other things too.
Looking for Love? Here are 10 Good Places
I love romance, I don't care much for Valentines Day. You're probably thinking What?!? Valentines Day seems to me to be too forced and there is a lot of pressure. Romance, it just happens, like the river seeks the sea. However I understand the connection between Valentines Day and romance and if you…