I love romance, I don't care much for Valentines Day. You're probably thinking What?!? Valentines Day seems to me to be too forced and there is a lot of pressure. Romance, it just happens, like the river seeks the sea. However I understand the connection between Valentines Day and romance and if you are looking for a great getaway to stoke the glowing embers of your beloved, here are ten wonderful suggestions.

While cruising in the ship or watching the city drift by from the deck of a riverboat are pure embodiments of romance, riding through a carriage in the arms of your lover, crossing the French effigy, is not far behind. The place is a beauty for lovers to spend their vacation in.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to many of these places so here are my personal observations. New Orleans, that's the city for wild and crazy romance,  Vienna is more of a cultured and classical kind of town, as is London. London seemed to be a bit stodgy for my taste. New York and Boston, you better bring your chapstick because it's COLD, but that makes for great snuggling. San Francisco is a wonderful place to fall deeper in love, especially if you can travel down the coast to watch the sun sink into the ocean. When it comes to spine tingling, soul stirring and dare I say toe-curling romance Venice and Paris are at the top of the list. If you've been to these place I'd love to know your thoughts or if you have your own idea of  romantic getaways please share!

(via Top 10 Romantic Cities - Ten Most Romantic Cities.)

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