By now, you probably know that Taylor Swift loves the number 13.

Her love of that number may cost her though as clothing company Lucky 13 is suing Taylor for "unauthorized use" of their federally registered trademarks. They want her to stop selling merchandise on her website that says "Lucky 13" or that reference the number 13.

According to the lawsuit, they've tried to reach an agreement with Taylor's people but nothing has been resolved. So now they're demanding that she shut down her online store. They also want Taylor to give up the profits she's made from the merchandise or pay damages to the company.

It seems that Taylor (or rather Taylor's peeps) aren't listening to these demands fully. As of last night, there was no clothing with "Lucky 13" on her website. But, there was a charm bracelet with the number 13 and a set of earrings that have a "1" and "3" that worn together look like the number 13.

If Taylor has to get rid of everything associated with the number 13, it would be as dumb as having a Brooks without the Dunn. (See how well that worked out?)