Do you know what a "tech turd" is? Well I must admit, being a bit on the old school side of the fence I had horrible mental images of people ingesting smart phones and letting nature make the next call if you know what I mean. Technology is a double edge sword, remember when you used to have to answer the phone to find out who was calling? Or to get money from your bank you had to stand in line and actually talk to a teller? Well with all things that make us better come aspects of it that make us worse. If you're wondering about the proper manners for using technology in social and non-social settings please read more. A lot of times when I am having lunch or on one of my very few nights out I do put my phone on the table. I am quick to inform my companions that I need to keep the phone handy to stay in touch with the radio station during the day and the kids at night. The loud noises of  night clubs and concerts can prevent me from hearing the annoying ringtone I have chosen and the vibration function? I prefer to save that for date night with the wife. So what rude behaviors with technology do you wish would go away?

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