For most kids the thought of getting a license to drive and have that measure of freedom enters their consciousness about the time they turn 13. For my son Jack, he has never been that excited about driving a car.

That was up until the past few months. So in keeping with the time honored tradition of worried parents and excited teens we continued the tradition yesterday and Jack got his license to drive.



I am not sure how I feel about having my son driving a car. I am excited and scared at the same time. Being in the media, I hear all the horror stories of what happens when teens act like teens behind the wheels. I also know there are hundreds of thousands of teens that drive safely without incident. I have a friend who tells me having an extra driver in the house will free me up to do things I need to do. That also means I am going to have find Jack a car or give up my car when he needs to go somewhere. Oh the dilemma!

So oh wise listener and reader, what should I really expect? What mistakes did you make with your teen driver? What things do you wish you would have done or done differently? What kind of ways can I save money on car insurance? I need your help. By the way that car you see on the road next  to you might have my kid behind the wheel. You watch out for him and I promise he will be watching out for you.

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