The protests are causing a lot of damage across the country and a teenager in Buffalo, New York decided to do something productive instead of just sitting around and watching. Antonio Gwynn Jr. was so bothered by the damage from the protests in his hometown that he grabbed a broom and trash bags in the middle of the night and just started cleaning the streets. All by himself. He didn’t stop cleaning for ten hours. Gwynn told CNN that when he saw on the local news that Bailey Avenue in Buffalo was covered in glass and garbage, he knew he needed to get it cleaned as many people use that street to travel to work.

When a group arrived later that morning to start the clean-up process, they were surprised to find that Gwynn had already done most of the work. Obviously, word spread quickly of Gwynn’s kind gesture and love for his community.

When Matt Block, 27, heard about Gwynn’s act of kindness on the news, he decided to give Gwynn his treasured 2004 red convertible Mustang. Block told CNN that he noticed Gwynn asking for some car-buying advice on Facebook, and that’s when he decided to give the 18-year-old his sports car. The car ended up having an even deeper meaning because Gwynn’s mother, who passed away in 2018, also drove a red Mustang.  Can you imagine the feelings for BOTH Antonio Gwynn and for Matt Block?

A local insurance company, Briceland Insurance Agency, decided to step up and help too when they heard about Block giving Gwynn his car.  Bob Briceland, the owner of the insurance company, decided to give a year of free auto insurance coverage for the car.

Gwynn had plans to attend a trade school after high school while he saved up for college. When Medaille College in Buffalo heard his plans, they offered him a full scholarship. Now Gwynn’s plan is to study business this fall at Medaille College.

What a beautiful story with a happy ending. I have no doubt Antonio’s mom is very proud of him.

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