Have you ever looked at something and you asked yourself, what is that? I do it all the time.

Well, have you ever looked at something and did not know it was actually a cake? Like the crawfish in the photo above. It is actually a cake that was created by Piece of Cake Lafayette Bakery. 

The cake was for an event in downtown Lafayette and you may have guessed it, there was a crawfish boil included.

Growing up I never really appreciated the art of constructing or decorating a cake, but as I've gotten older I have much more appreciation for those who put cakes together. These cakes don't just happen overnight, there's a lot of long hours put into the art of cake decorating.

I want to share a few more photos of cakes with you and I ask, would you have known that these were cakes had someone not told you?

All of these cakes were on display at either a birthday party, event or wedding.

Ten Amazing Cakes That You Won't Believe Are Real





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