Louisiana knows how to put together some really freaky haunted houses. I'm not talking about simply seeing skulls hanging everywhere or fake dead bodies lying on the ground. These haunted houses are made up of the terrors you could only see in your nightmares and the things you only thought went bump in the night.

The haunted houses you will find in Louisiana this Halloween include:

  1. The 13th Gate (Baton Rouge)
    • This is one of the most widely talked about attractions, not just in Louisiana, but around the country. The Travel Channel called it 'One of America's Scariest Halloween Attractions' and MTV said 'The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge is America's Scariest Haunted House.' Remember to sign the waiver before you enter because you never know what might pop out and pull you to the dark side.
  2. Fright Trail (Lafayette)
    • Can you make it through these twenty acres of haunted woods? Many have tried, but few come out the same.
  3. Evil Visions Haunted House (Monroe)
    • The evil inside these walls is like none you've ever seen before. Think you have what it takes to face your worst fears?
  4. Necromanor (Bossier City)
    • This building, the Shady Grove Sanatorium, was established in Louisiana in the early 1900s. What began as a treatment facility for those stricken with tuberculosis, quickly became an asylum for the mentally insane. 'Experts' were brought in to help with the growing number of patients, but in the end all that was left were the monsters they created who live under the asylum and still have a thirst for death. If you think you have the guts to make it through without being sucked in the this frozen world forever, Halloween is just around the corner.
  5. The House of Shock: The Resurrection (Jefferson/New Orleans)
    • You only thought you had seen the last of this widely known haunted house. This attraction has received national and international recognition spanning over two decades. There is only one simple reason and The Travel Channel definitely got it right saying it is the 'Most Intense Haunted Attraction.' Enter if you dare.
  6. The Lost Hollows (Lake Charles)
    • Take a journey through the haunted woods in an undisclosed location on the outskirts of Lake Charles. Only question is, do you dare to get on the bus?
  7. Mortuary Haunted House (New Orleans)
    • When is the last time you went to confession? This popular haunted attraction inspired by the seven deadly sins will make you want to run to the nearest church.
  8. RISE Haunted House (Hammond)
    • Nothing but the awakened souls seeking revenge, an endless labyrinth and countless undead rising from the grave. Oh, did I mention there is a real life zombie hunt? It's time to channel your inner Rick Grimes.
  9. Tree Farm Massacre (Leesville)
    • Do you think you can escape the deadly gases bound to turn you into a killer? You better hope so. In this haunted trail, if you stay too long, you will either kill...or be killed. Your main goal: Get out alive.

So which will you choose? Whatever it may be, you might want to take time to prepare for you are in for things you never thought you would experience.

The best part about Halloween 2015? It's on a Saturday! Happy haunts.

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