If you’ve ever had a roommate or in-laws then you know the frustration of having your stuff broken. Chances are you’ve spotted a stain on your couch, a broken dish, or even a cracked window or microwave door that happened at the hands of these insidious creatures.  Do you know who might actually be worse when it comes to the annual cost of replacing and repairing your stuff?

That would be your dog. If your dog is average he or she will add $392 dollars to your expenses over the course of a year. This makes man’s best friend the most destructive pet you can own. That is unless you happen to keep hippos, water buffalo, or millennials in your home.

Right off the bat almost all of us dog lovers can think of things that were chewed up and left in shambles. My once upon a time dog Max actually dug through the carpet down to the concrete in my apartment. He was a bit upset he had be sequestered to a guest room during my absence during the day.

When he was moved to the utility room as a holding cell he promptly scratched his way through the door broke  and then broke into the pantry. Upon doing that he proceeded to spread dry pasta throughout the house. So you see, while dogs are lovable and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything they are a lot like kids. They’re going to cost you some money just for wear and tear.

The most destructive breed of dog that you can own is the Chihuahua.  These tiny terrors of shaking insecurity will cost you an average of $850 bucks in damage repairs throughout the year.  Dachsunds and boxers are next on the list as running you a small fortune to keep them around. Meanwhile members of the terrier family appear to be the most economical they will only add about $150 bucks to your annual expenses.

One of the largest expenses dog owners face is floor and carpet damage due to uncontrolled bladders or vindictive dogs that are showing you they are truly pissed off. That’s where training, professional training, can really pay dividends.

In case you’re wondering cats are the second most destructive pet you can own. According to media reports if you want a pet that doesn’t really run up the bills get a guinea pig or a fish.

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