"Mr. Bruce & the Kennel Club super-duper-high-falutin' attorney, paging Mr. Bruce & the Kennel Club super-duper-high-falutin' attorney."

Yesterday, I was at the gym and the TV there is always on KATC TV-3. A "cooking" show called The Chew is usually on at the time I am there. It was on yesterday. Even Emeril Lagasse was on the program whipping up some yummy poboys and frozen Zapps chips. (Yeah, I thought that was weird too.)

All in all it was a nice show. I learned how to make red eye gravy biscuits. I also learned how a family can camouflage vegetables into meals so the kids get their greens.

And, finally, I learned that the folks at The Chew are thieves, felons of creative genius!

If you've listened at all to our morning show in the last couple of months, you know we have a tradition on Fridays called "Pie Day Friday™". Here's visual proof:



Now here's visual proof of how The Chew can't get their own ideas:

Pie Day Friday


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