If you're already making your Halloween plans for this year, this is a road trip you might want get on the calendar. "The Devil's Knot" in North Louisiana has announced their opening for the 2017 Halloween season, and it looks terrifying.

"The Devil's Knot", located in Haughton, Louisiana is described as a "walking haunted trail where anything from your scariest nightmares is possible to happen." By the looks of the pictures on their Facebook page, they are not kidding.

"The Devil's Knot" will open its gates two nights only this Halloween,
October 21st & 28th, 7pm to 11pm. The cost is $5 per person "if you dare enter the Devil's Knot."

A walking haunted house. No walls. No ceiling. Countless ways things can pop up and scare you. Count us in!

Facebook via The Devils Knot North Louisiana
Facebook via The Devils Knot North Louisiana

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