It happens a lot this time of year. You get in your car in the morning and you're already late for work, school, a massage, a corn dog, an illegal card game, or some other important reason. Your windshield is as foggy as the air in Willie Nelson's bus. The only difference is your problem isn't smoke, it's moisture. In fact it's condensed moisture on your windshield that has created a cloud on the glass in front of you. You can't see to drive. Quite often you will anyway because you are a rebel but you really shouldn't.

What is the fastest way to clean that fog from your front glass? The maker of this video went to great lengths to demonstrate several different methods of condensation removal. Because we are in a world of instant gratification we skipped ahead to the part where he shows you how to clean the windshield the fastest.

It comes down to four basic steps.

First: Turn your heater on full blast.

Second: Turn your A/C on too. Most cars have a button you push to engage the condenser, that's the button you push.

Third: Allow outside air into the car, in other words disengage the recirculated air button on your car's A/C.

Fourth: Crack the windows just a bit. Even if it's only for a short period of time this will help remove some of the humid air from inside the car.

By the way the entire 6:28 video is very interesting to watch if you have the time. We narrowed it down to the final 2:00 minutes because we know you're running late and you've got to get that fog off your windshield so you can make it to Bingo.