The chicken nugget or as McDonald's restaurants refer to them, McNuggets, have been a tasty part of my diet since they were introduced to the menu in 1983. For myself and my kids a 20 pack of these delicious chicken goodies made for a great meal or after school snack.

Often as we are eating we will  ponder the food we are about to put in our mouths. It was such an episode  yesterday that gave me reason to notice that McNuggets seem to have  particular shapes. That's when I decided I to use the power of the Internet to find out if this hypothesis was true. It is.

There are four particular shapes that McNuggets arrive hot and delicious with your choice of sauces, at your table or in  your car.

The Ball - You probably guessed this is the one that looks like a circle.

The Bone- While there are no bones in McNuggets,there is a shape that looks like a bone.

The Boot- You guessed it, this shape resembles Louisiana in a round about way.

The Bell- The sweet taste of liberty in every bite.

My favorite dipping sauce for the McNugget is the Honey Mustard and occasionally the barbecue . My kids like to go off script and wait until we get home so they can dunk their McNuggets in Cajun Power.

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