I like funny. There are way too many serious things in this world. Why not just try to laugh about as many things as you can?!

That's why I love nonsensical stories like this.

Scientists from the University of Warwick in England (geaux Fightin' Dionnes...I kid, I kid) just released the results of their study to find the funniest word in the world.

And out of 5,000 words, the winner is...."BOOTY"!

This is kind of timely, whatwithall the hilarity going on right now around Joe Nichols re-making "Baby Got Back".

"Booty" notched slightly ahead of words like booby, hooter, nitwit, twit, waddle, tinkle, bebop and egghead.

The researchers also found that younger folks thought words like goatee, hunchback, and filth were funny whereas older people dug words like caddie, squint and jingle.

How about you, what word just cracks you up? I've always been partial to nincompoop.

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