I am sure that if you sat down over a cocktail or two you could come up with a significant list of things that are better than a warm pair of socks. What's really unique about that list is that most of the items on it would not really deserve to be there.  Socks are incredible. They are like feet mittens. They keep our toes toasty warm and they keep our shoes from smelling like your vacuum cleaner.

I had the opportunity to speak with an older gentleman the other day and he was extolling the virtues of socks. He suggested that warm feet lead to warm thoughts. Warm thoughts lead to warm memories. I liked that analogy so I decided to explore the world of socks and how we as humans can better learn to co-exist with them.

Socks are one of the few items of clothing that fall under the category of necessary and fashionable. Even I take the time to make sure my socks look similar every morning before I come to work. I certainly don't bother to check and see if my shirt matches my shorts. Yes, I do wear shorts and t-shirts to work, doesn't everybody?


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Socks are often maligned as being a cop out for gift giving. While they might not have the splash and pizzazz of a new George Foreman Grill, they certainly will offer the recipient more warmth per capita over the course of a year than the grill will provide.  So while you  might get the red ass about getting socks for Christmas you'll be thanking the giver come January when they won't turn the heat on at work.

Socks can not only be comfortable they can be sexy. They make some really sexy long socks that look pretty fetching on girls in short skirts. These socks come up over the knee and are basically thigh high stockings. Don't get me started on stockings, they are a weakness.



Tristan Fewings
Tristan Fewings

There is a caveat about long socks though.  The long sock sexy rule really only applies to women. Men who wear long socks look like they have an engineering degree and are not to be trusted with any intimate plans. While multi-colored long socks look lovely over shapely calves and thighs, the long dark socks with hair sticking out combined with a pair of sandals is enough to make Victoria keep her Secret for the rest of the winter.

Socks can also be the key to a good night's sleep. If you've ever been awakened by your significant other's cold foot of fate on your warm back then you understand the importance of socks and sleeping. They can also improve your love life.

Socks can help you save money on pet toys. I know my dog would much rather wrestle with a dirty sock than play with the Daily Growl squeak toy that I purchase for a lot more than those socks cost me.


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We develop a relationship with our socks. Ask anyone who runs or jogs, there are certain pairs of socks you trust to get you through the miles. Other socks will let you down and leave you covered in blisters. Those socks aren't bad socks, they just haven't found their purpose for your active socks life.

So whether you go long, go short, or go long and roll down it's nice to have socks. Take a moment today to appreciate them for what they are, that little bit of warmth that you take for granted but sorely miss when the wind blows cold.

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