I rolled up into one of my favorite stores yesterday to grab a couple of things. Yes, literally two things -- a thank you card and some antihistamine.

All in all it was an easy and quick process as one would expect for such a simple transaction.

Simple, that is, until the clerk printed my receipt. Again, two things I bought! I know this "national chain" is looking for me to come back and buy more stuff, but you got to be kidding me!!

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My two items took up about a half an inch of paper and then "come back again" coupons filled up the other three feet!

This all from a store that makes me clog my wallet with one of them fang-dangled SAVINGS CARDS! Why can't you just put my coupons on that thing?

Oh, wait, y'all do! I get an email every week from this mega-awesome super store letting me know I have new coupons and if I just "click here" I can put the coupons electronically on my savings card.

Somewhere, a tree just died.

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