A couple named Steven and Makenzie Schultz went out to a new restaurant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for their anniversary.

Things didn't go too well.

They waited 20 minutes for water, 40 minutes for an appetizer, and over an hour for their entrees! Meanwhile, their waiter was spending most of his time at other tables.

For most waiters, that would mean a pretty bad tip. But instead of getting upset, Makenzie noticed he was the only waiter, had twelve tables and was doubling as the bartender.

Steven and Makenzie actually used to be servers and now own their own barbecue restaurant. They knew that it was not this young man's fault.

So instead of stiffing their server, they left him a hefty tip -- $100 on a $67 bill! They also wrote a note on the check: "We've both been in your shoes. Paying it forward."

They posted a picture of the receipt on Facebook and urged people to think about the context of a situation before blaming someone. It's already gotten over 1.5 million likes.

It turns out another waiter had called in sick at the last minute.

Makenzie Schultz, Facebook



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