Summers in Louisiana can be brutal on your HVAC system. High humidity and the excessive heat can make your unit struggle to keep you cool. Your comfort is important. So is the money you spend for that comfort.

HVAC Fan On/Auto Switch

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Staff Photo

In Louisiana, this switch should always be set in the "auto" position. This will allow your HVAC unit to take the most humidity out of your home, keeping you and your family most comfortable.

When set to "on" your HVAC unit will send more humidity throughout your home. In Louisiana, that's definitely not what you need. In ultra-low humidity states, the "on" position may be best, but not in the south. Residents in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida should never have the need to use the "on" setting.

The same thing applies to hotel rooms in the south as well. Most people don't even check the fan switch in hotel rooms when traveling. Your hotel room will be more comfortable in the southern region of the U.S. if you set your room thermostat to the "auto" fan position.

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