There is no greater story than the story of regular people. I probably shouldn't say regular people. We are all special in our own unique way and we all have a story to tell.  This is Michelle Dobyne. She is talking with a news crew about a fire that happened at her apartment complex. She is a great storyteller.

I would love to hear Michelle tell other stories. She is so animated and energetic. You can tell that she is totally invested in living life to its fullest. I am happy to say that Michelle and her family escaped injury in this fire at their apartment complex. I am also pretty excited because Michelle could be the next big time viral video star.

Y'all remember the "hide ho kids hide yo wife guy" and "aint nobody got time for that" lady. Well you guys can move over because Michelle is moving in and it looks like she's already got a remix video that's lighting up cyberspace.



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