I spent a lot of time last fall not watching NFL football. To me, some players in the league crossed a line I hold very sacred. That line is respect for our nation. By choosing to not stand for our country's National Anthem these players were saying to me, that "our cause" is bigger than the nation itself.

While the cause they hold dear is certainly something our imperfect nation needs to address, the method of "protest" was absolutely disgusting to my personal sensibilities. Their right to protest was paid for with American blood and not recognizing and honoring that sacrifice is beyond reprehensible.

Yesterday, this was the scene in another country thousands of miles away. A group of young women proudly wearing blue hockey sweaters emblazoned with the letters U.S.A. stood proudly and sang loudly while our National Anthem was played.

It's true they were not standing at attention. It's true they were not holding their hands over their hearts. What they were doing was sharing the joy of accomplishment by honoring that nation that they proudly represent. To me, this was a picture of what America should represent to the world.

On that hockey team were women of different socio-economic backgrounds. There were women who likely share different religious and political beliefs. There were women who most likely share different views on sexuality, gun control, education, and equal rights. But for that moment, they were ALL Americans.

That's what America used to be. A nation where our differences brought us together and made us stronger. We didn't allow those differences to tear us apart. Sure we had our opinions but we respected the other person's opinion as we would want ours respected.

Chances are some of you will disagree with my stance on the NFL, the Anthem, and these American Hockey players. That's quite alright with me as long as the conversation doesn't stop there. We are an imperfect people living in an imperfect nation that is run by an imperfect government. Yet, we still have so much to be proud of.

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