It's early, but it appears the NFL is already screwing up a rule they just passed.

Following the New Orleans Saints being robbed of a likely spot in Super Bowl 53 following a nefarious non-call of a blatant pass inference late in the NFC Championship game, the league voted in March on a new rule that permits coaches to challenge a pass interference penalty, whether it's called on the field or not.

If PI takes place under 2 minutes of the second or fourth quarter, it could be reviewed by the officials, if they deem it worthy of review.

Two months later, the league is already tinkering with the rule.

Does anyone actually have confidence the league will be able to easily determine what a Hail Mary pass is?

Let's not forget, the NFL made the simple act of catching a football the most complicated rule in the game.

On another note, if the Hail Mary play no longer is reviewable for PI, expect it to become comparable to the Royal Rumble.

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