With the Presidential Election just a few days away, things are about to get more interesting than ever. Who will be the next President? Trump or Clinton? Well, if you look to see which candidate sold the most of this one item, you'd already know the answer.

For the past nine elections, or the past 36 years, the winning Presidential candidate has been predicted by who sells the most Halloween masks. Makes sense actually. Most people will buy the mask of the person they support rather than the person they want to make fun of. So, which candidate sold the most Halloween masks in Lafayette? Here's what I know.

My son worked at Spirit Of Halloween this past season, and he told me without a doubt, Trump out sold Clinton 3 to 1.

They had Trump, Clinton and Bernie Sanders masks for sale. Apparently they sold out of Trump masks multiple times. To keep up with the demand, eventually three different types of Trump masks were made available.

Obviously, this election is unlike any our county has ever seen so normal rules may not apply. This is also information from only one store in one city, but it could be pretty telling.

Love it or hate it, and if history repeats itself, the next President of the United States of America has already been decided by the people of Lafayette.

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