If you've been to Nashville and roamed the area around Lower Broadway you've probably seen this contraption. It's a Pedal Pub. Basically it's a bar that is powered by human feet and legs. It allows the users to enjoy a scenic view of the area, have a place to sit, and something refreshing to drink.

Does this not look like it has Lafayette written all over it? Great live music communities like Austin Texas, Boulder Colorado, Nashville, and Memphis Tennessee have already discovered the local and tourist potential of these gizmos.  Country star Jerrod Niemann even featured the Pedal Pub in his video for One More Drinkin' Song.

Think of all the downtown things we do. Think of heads that would turn as you and your crew pedaled your way down Jefferson Street or headed on over to Parc International. This has everything that makes Lafayette what it is. It's got booze. It's got friends gathered together. It's got head turning style so other people will notice you.


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