This past weekend my brother's girlfriend visited us from Portland, Oregon to be my brother's co-pilot in his moving to Portland. She was kind enough to help him pack his belongings into his SUV and reassure us he will be in good hands with her. We really enjoyed her visiting and showing her exactly what the good ole South is made of. 

Louisiana is an extraordinary, unique place. Despite the dreaded heat and misquotes during the long summer months, Louisiana has a lot to offer it's citizens and out-of-towners. The first thing on Hannah's (brother's girlfriend) to-do list was eat as much delicious southern food as possible. Friday afternoon my mom, brother, and Hannah went to Avery Island to enjoy Louisiana's nature. She enjoyed watching the alligators swim in the bayous and eating Tabasco- flavored ice cream at the Tabasco factory.

We took her to Bon Temps Grill Friday night, and she absolutely loved it.  She ordered a Bloody Mary, crawfish-stuffed mushrooms, and fried alligator. Let's just say she was more than pleased. Also, she got to meet some of our family friends and have good conversation with down to earth people. That's the great thing about the South- the hospitality and good company. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sure, it would be nice if Louisiana had mountains to go skiing or white, sandy beaches, but what we do have is beautiful. The food, people, and relaxed culture is enjoyable for all locals and travelers. I know my brother is going to miss the South very, very much.




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