The NFL Playoffs are underway and quite frankly they have been amazing. This upcoming weekend is the NFC Championship between the Los Angeles Rams and The San Fransico 49ers.

The Rams played the 49ers twice in the regular season and lost both times. The last time the Rams played the 49ers in LA it was basically a home game for the 49ers due to the number of 49er fans in attendance. Well, the Rams attempted to stop that from happening this time around by restricting ticket sales from outside the greater Los Angeles region.

Deebo Samuel & Social Media Commented On The Rams Attempt To Block Ticket


Social media, 49er fans, and even 49er players immediately went to the internet to discuss what the Rams attempted to do. I say attempted because today out of nowhere with no announcement the Rams removed the ticket sale restrictions.

Well now that tickets have been offered to anyone, the prices are astronomical especially compared to the Chiefs-Bengals game.

So due to the high price of tickets, 49er legends Frank Gore and Joe Staley offer to buy tickers for 49er fans.

What an amazing gesture by the two legends. This whole situation has quite frankly made the Rams look soft and scared of the 49ers. It is not the 49ers' fault that the Rams don't really have a fan base in LA to pack out their stadium. It's utterly embarrassing that this is happening and I know one thing for sure, this would never happen to the Saints.


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