We'd all like to make more money. Most of us are worth more money to our employer than we were the day we were hired. Unfortunately, that's not how the economy works. If we paid people for what they were actually worth then there would be a lot of guys with grease under their fingernails spending the Summer on the yacht.

The problem with a raise is you have to ask for it. None of us like asking for money. Those people that do enjoy asking for money usually excel in the world of sales. If that's you, please contact me here at the station, I can put you to work and you can choose just how much you want to earn.

The folks at Salary.com have created a unique slide show concerning the process of asking for a raise. I found the piece to be quite educational and probably just the kind of information you'd want to know if you were looking for more money.

There is a lot of common sense advice, for example if the company is struggling to meet its budget,  it's probably not a good time to ask for more money. It's also never a good idea to bring up how long it's been since you've gotten a raise.

One other tip I found interesting suggested never telling your supervisor you've done everything you've been asked to do. Getting a raise is about getting more, so you really should be doing more before you start asking for more. There are a lot of people that feel being an average employee entitles them to an increase in pay. Those people usually don't last too long at successful companies.

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