The Saints are in the middle of doing their usual offseason cap magic, looking to get themselves back in the black ahead of the draft and the meat of free agency.

It's also been well-documented that the Saints are still interested in former Raiders QB Derek Carr.

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However, it seems they may not meet Carr's most important criteria:

His salary minimum.

The Saints almost certainly couldn't pay 35+ mil without giving up a few important pieces. But they shouldn't have pay that at all.

The insistence that Carr "doesn't need to be the first quarterback to sign" suggests that the number could climb even more if the market allows it. Between the Aaron Rodgers trade rumors and Lamar Jackson's intense negotiation with the Baltimore Ravens, the market for quarterbacks could become extremely lucrative, and Carr wants a slice.

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Now, what teams would be willing to give up that much for Carr is a question, but given the Saints' cash-strapped situation, it's doubtful that Carr ends up going from black and silver to black and gold.

Nevertheless, it is still a five million dollar pay cut from what the veteran was expected to make with the Raiders this season, which clearly expresses how discontent Carr had become with the franchise.

Social media had its say on Carr's ideal number, some accepting the talented vet's assumed worth while others balked at that high a price for a quarterback with Carr's record.

And for those who are surely wondering...

If Derek has good taste in automobiles, he may look at buying a Ford Mustang Mach 1 with all of that new money. So if he lands a $35,000,000 per year contract and only bought Mustang Mach 1's, Carr could buy approximately 583.333 (repeating) cars.

Be honest, that's what you really wanted to know.

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