The long running TV show The Simpsons has been a staple of my Sunday Night viewing since the program was moved to the weekends by Fox. While I must say the show can be a little over the top for younger viewers, for an old cynical DJ I think it's pretty funny. For me what makes The Simpsons so viable and relevant is the social commentary that is made within the context of the dialogue of the show.


While many people who only watch occasionally there is a deep religious connection that is conveyed in the show. It's not the self righteous kind of connection but more of the everyman connection that is our society. The Simpsons is also the home for some really good math jokes too. If you're a math geek then you might have  picked up on some of the very subtle innuendos regarding math.

In this brief clip the Simpson's aren't really talking about Facebook, but they sure could be. All you have to do is listen to the clip and then go check out your Facebook page. Am I right? Is that not what most respondents of the social media service are guilty of? I know I fall into that realm so I have my own finger pointed directly at myself in this regard too.

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