The new thing this season at Tiger Stadium is that all fans are now allowed to purchase wine and beer during the game inside of the stadium. It's new for LSU, but Ohio State has already proven, in 2018, that the option to sell alcohol to fans inside is a win for everyone. Ohio and Texas have both reported a decrease in alcohol related issues during the game, and in increase in overall revenue for the school.

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LSU decided to jump on the bandwagon, but wanted to do it smoothly. They hired over 200 new workers to distribute and sell the beer and wine to fans, and even added 40 new concession stands to make sure the availability was there. During last Saturday's game, LSU fans proved that they were excited for the new beverage availbility by consuming over 27,000 beers during the game. This number, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate, is just beer not wine sales.

At $8.00 a beer, that translates to over $200,000.00 in additional retail that the school normally wouldn't make. It seems that with sales like this, LSU won't be questioning if beer will be sold during the next game.

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