Sleep, no matter who you are you would love to have more of it. It is the one thing we need the most yet we deprive ourselves of everyday. I get up at one in  the morning to come to work, I know the value of sleep because I never can get enough of it at home. What makes you fall asleep? How do you turn your mind off so your body can relax and fall into a blissful state of slumber? I think I have what you've been looking for.

The folks at have assembled some of natures most perfect sleep aids. Just click on the link and make sure you have speakers turned on but not too loud. Aaahhh isn't that relaxing? For me the sound of rain is the perfect sleep aid.

Others choose a more scientific approach to sleep, they go the way of medicines prescribed by their doctors. I have tried Ambien and Lunesta but they each have their drawbacks as far as I am concerned. The worst was the awful taste in my mouth the following morning. I don't know what is in those pills exactly but sometime during the night they create the most frightening flavor known to man.

My Mom always used to give us warm milk before bedtime. I like my milk cold thank you. I am not sure if there is any scientific evidence to back up the warm milk claim but I do know it will certainly increase your chances of wetting the bed.

I do know of one sure way to get drowsy and nod off quickly, it isn't very popular and it could result in physical violence. I have found that having my wife tell me about all the things I need to do around the house makes me incredibly sleepy. The longer her list, the deeper and deeper I go under, it's almost like she is a hypnotist.

As I said you have to use this method sparingly because after awhile folks will start to question the bumps and bruises you have on your head from her whacking you with a rolled up newspaper.

Regardless of how you get to sleep, I do  hope you will wake up with us each morning on the Bruce and the Kennel Club Show!