Social media is here to stay. Whether or not we will always be hung up on Facebook only time will tell. Right now Facebook is the go to site for all things family, political, helpful, hurtful, hate filled, and every now and then some really funny stuff.

People who study the behavior of people, lets call them psychologist, have noticed some interesting similarities between certain personality traits and the kinds of Facebook posts those who have those personality traits usually make.

See if you can find yourself or someone on your news feed in these general assumptions. Just so you don't go on a tirade on Facebook we're not saying any of these people are wrong, we are just saying that this is who they are in the eyes of psychologist.

The Narcissist- They are the ones that always seem to be able work into their posts about how hard they worked out or how far they ran. This is their subtle way of letting us know how physically attractive they are. They like to post about their achievements in other areas of life as well. The more we like and congratulate, the more they post.

Low Self-Esteem- Those who think very little of themselves tend to post more about people they know. In particular they will post about their spouse and their children. This behavior is seen as a protection against not having anything good to say about themselves. It's there way of saying, " I may not be much but I know people who are".

Computer, ThinkStock
Computer, ThinkStock

The Conscientious- These are the people that respect other people's opinions and feelings. They love to post pictures of their children and they love to like other posts about other people's children. They are almost too nice to be on Faceboook. This is the kind of person you'd want along on a trip. They make sure that everyone else is happy, sometimes at the expense of their own enjoyment.

The Extrovert- These people wouldn't have an astrological sign, they would have a sign that says look at me! This is the person who seems to update their Facebook status more often than others. They are quick to tell you where they are, where they are going, who they saw, and what they ate. They want you to know all about them and their lives. After all to them, their life is the most entertaining thing you will find on your news feed.

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The Neurotic- First of all I think we are all a little crazy, some of us just hide it better than others. However, Facebook posts will reveal the truth even when you don't want them to. The people you know with the most stress and anxiety in their lives are the picture posters. They love to show pictures of just about anything, especially themselves. It's not that they don't like themselves they just want to make sure that you're okay with them, that you like them, that you really like them. Look for the large photo albums on Facebook and you'll find your neurotic user.

The Yes Man- We all have that one friend, well at least one friend, that doesn't like confrontation. They are always "good" with whatever you say. If you like Mr. Trump, they'll agree. If you support Mrs. Clinton, they'll agree with that too. They are the ultimate fence sitter. They true identity is revealed not in their Facebook posts but by the posts of others. Look for the person who is most often "tagged" by others. We tend to tag people who support our point of view. You find a person who is always being tagged, you've got your Yes Man nailed dead to rights.

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Before you start singling out exceptions to the rule please understand these are general observations based on clinical observations of people who study people for a living. Just because you feel you might fall into one of these categories doesn't mean that you actually do. To be more accurate it means that you can't accept who you are at least through the eyes of others and since what other people think isn't that important, please carry on and have a wonderful day.



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