It's no secret that entertainers make a good living, but you might be completely shocked to find out how much they actually make. Singers have to pay bands, tour bus drivers, publicists, and record labels. And of course that cuts in to how much they take home. But it's still a lot.

According to Money Inc these are the Top 20 richest country singers of all time. Some of their income comes from music, and some make money by starring in commercials, movies, or TV. And a lot of them have restaurants or other endorsements for products. We've listed the top 10 with their net worth, but be sure to check out the rest. Wowzer!

  1. Toby Keith - $500 million
  2. Dolly Parton - $400 Million
  3. Shania Twain -$350 million
  4. George Strait - $300 million
  5. Kenny Rogers - $250 million
  6. Taylor Swift - $200 million
  7. Garth Brooks - $150 million
  8. Johnny Cash - $120 million
  9. Faith Hill - $80 million
  10. Alan Jackson - $75 million

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