Every weekday morning at 5:20 on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show Jude Walker tells us a joke or tries to make us laugh. Jude is naturally a very talented and creative story teller, just not at 5:20 in the morning. (I'm kidding he makes me laugh every day).

Jude, like most funny fellows knows the pain of the joke that went wrong. We have all told a really bad joke and had to live with the silence. It is not fun or funny, unless it his happening to someone you don't know.

This is a clip from the old kids show Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. The young man, Greg, as aspirations of becoming a stand up comedian. I am sure after this happened he changed his mind totally and decided that a life of solitary confinement and not contact with people would be his best bet in life.

Get ready to cringe, this could be the worst knock knock joke you will ever hear.

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