jude walker

Tee Nah Nah [Video]
Have you ever wondered why we always play Tee Nah Nah just before the news at 6am on Friday Morning? Come with us, we are going behind the music!
Bruce & Jude Get Photoshopped
If you listen to the Bruce & the Kennel Club show here on 97.3 The Dawg, you've no doubt heard us talk about our New Orleans Saints-hating pal down at Larry's Super Foods in Kaplan, T-Roy Maturin. (The boy is so messed up, he likes the Minnesota Vikings!) In exchange for our friend…
Jude Walker Waking Up [Video]
This is a very secret video we shot with a hidden camera of 97.3 The Dawg's Jude Walker. In the video you will see just how difficult it is to awaken the sleeping Disc Jockey from his morning slumber.

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