So I spilled some coffee this morning (like I do every third day) and I went to grab our always handy bottle of Fantastik all-purpose cleaner to mop up the mess. That's when I noticed our buddy Doc from Classic Country Saturday Night wrote his name on the bottle.

Doc's Fantastik

Is it ok for us to use? Did Doc mean to stamp his approval for our use of this bottle of fantasticness? Or was he just trying to prove to everyone that he does indeed contribute to the well-being of our control room?

Not sure. But Bruce and I decided to follow suit.

Here's a sample of what I contributed to the control room.

Jude's Toilet Paper

And here's what Bruce owns.

Bruce's Hudspeth

Now go write your name on stuff around the office. If anything else, you will have a little chuckle and maybe a small guffaw.

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