In case you missed it last night on the 2011 CMA Awards broadcast, and by popular demand, here's the commercial that has everyone talking.

It was so nice of Ms. Reba to take some time out of her busy schedule to do this for us!

Here's some of the comments we've got so far on this cinematic masterpiece:

  • Omg. Ur Reba commercial! I almost fell off my chair.
  • Just saw the Reba commercial...hilarious!!!!!
  • Ya'll look so sexy in that Reba costume on tv!!!
  • Oh no ya'll didn't!!!!!
  • i spit out my wine as i watched the reba commercial during the cma's
  • Loved it. But I have to be honest, you and Bruce make ugly women. Ha. (P.S. Can I borrow the dress?)
  • Hey Jude, can I borrow that dress? And Bruce, I need my eyeshadow back. Well done, boys, well done!!! (applause)
  • OMG!!! Bruce and Jude don't you think you guys might have waxed first??? LOL!! That was totally hilarious!!!
  • Some uuuuuggglly impersonators
  • Bruce & Jude.....ya'll are beautiful!!!! hehehehe

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