Ladies and Gentlemen, my enemy is back!

As many of you may recall, a few weeks ago I was struck with horror at the sight (and nearly touch) of a ferociously mean looking spider I came across while mowing my lawn.

This demon evidently has more than one life.

While cleaning my back patio yesterday, I first stumbled upon a real sticky web. After a few moments of tugging said web off my hairy legs, I decided to proceed with the pressure washing task at hand. But, as fate would have it, as I began to move my patio table, I noticed the return of the beast.

At first I was unclear what lie undearneath the structure. Here was my first gander.

My 40/20 vision started to kick in and quickly communicated with my brain that "IT" had returned. I peered lower to verify what I was near certain of.

Yep, my arch-nemesis had indeed returned, this time even closer to my dwelling. I will not see this dude again.

Anyone know what I should clean my blender with now?