If you have a pet, I'm sure you have had to board them at the vet once or twice while taking a vacation. I recently boarded my cat and let's just say she hated my guts once we picked her up. Warning:  what you read may be shocking.

My family and I took a vacation to visit family over the Easter holidays. The simplest option was to board my cat and my parent's dog while we would be gone. Where we took them is basically a hotel for pets - absolutely pleasant. It is the Pet Inn located in Alexandria where my parents live. One of the options for the pets is to have "bedtime hugs and kisses." Yeah, you get the picture.



Both of our pets were there from Thursday evening until Wednesday morning. Of course my parent's Jack Russell Terrier was super ecstatic to see us again, but little Brees cat's expression looked as if she was beaten, starved, and completely tortured. I figured she would be mad for maybe half an hour, but no, she didn't lose the attitude for about three hours.

Every time I picked her up she would have her claws out and lean her head as far back as she could to avoid looking at me. AVOID HER MOTHER! As I was packing up for the drive back to Lafayette, I heard a loud crash in the other room and saw Brees shoot out of there. When I entered the room, there was a picture of only me which had crashed onto the floor. At this point I was completely fed up with her defiant behavior, so she ended up getting the silent treatment from me.

As time went by, she eventually came around. Pets are definitely like children and they do not appreciate or like being taken out of their normal, daily routine. Crazy cat.