Tuesday night the Selection Committee for the College Football Playoffs will announce their esteemed decision as to what team should be ranked where in the world of college football. The committee is made up of former and some current sports notables. Some of them are coaches, athletic directors, college presidents, and NCAA officials.

I don't mean to mislead you and suggest this group of folks can't come together with some pretty good ball games to crown a season-long NCAA champion. The problem with these guys is their livelihoods don't depend on their selections. We need a selection committee who has a lot more than bragging rights to lose.

That is why I propose we let the oddsmakers at the Las Vegas sportsbooks choose the teams. Have you ever noticed just how closely these guys predict point spreads for every weekend of college football? These guys actually know the teams. They know the players. They know the coaches. They also watch each game every week with more than a "selection committee" interest.

I would bet, no pun intended, that if we asked the Vegas oddsmakers to give us the best four college football teams in the United States they could do that in under 30 seconds. I believe we'd all be surprised at who they named to the top four too. Vegas wouldn't be swayed by past glory, cupcake schedules, and coaches with bad hair and charisma. Vegas would say, "these are the best four teams based on real-world observations".

I know. It makes too much sense and the NCAA and ESPN wouldn't be able to milk the sport, the sponsors, and the fans, for all of these weeks if it came down to Vegas. So, let's be real about what the College Football Selection committee is actually charged to do. Their mission is to select the best three made for TV matchups possible. Those being the two semi-final games and ultimately the final game.

Don't cry for Vegas though, they already know who will win and by how much no matter what teams get picked.

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