Feast your eyes...

Ok, hear me out. Look past the horrendous thought of ever having to pull for the Chicago Bears. As a Saints fan, I can commiserate with some of the woes that the Bears have faced... But to be honest with you they kind of ask for it, right?

I'm sorry. This was not supposed to be a ricochet shot at the Bears and I wish the best of luck to them in the NFC North next season.

This is about the helmets that you could be seeing your favorite NFL team playing in next season. Take a look at the helmet. REALLY process what you see.

OK now before you have a knee jerk reaction, think about this.

How would it feel to actually PLAY in one of these helmets? Well from a former, extremely average, football player I can tell you from experience that this would be hard to see in. As a football player, you aren't just looking through your eye window the entire time you are playing. You are looking through your facemark and sometimes, your earhole if you get blindsided hard enough.

Now here is where my thought process changes. When I played football, it was ALL about the aesthetics. I did not care at all how uncomfortable I was in my uniform, I just wanted to look as cool as possible.

And this helmet... this helmet right here... LOOKS AWESOME!!!

NFL players are already massive freaks of nature as it is, just put this alien warrior helmet on them and let the sparks fly. It is going to be an electric-factory on Sunday's if I get to see Alvin Kamara running guys over while looking like some sort of 'Halo' character. Drew Brees is going to be dropping back and firing missiles like he came from a different dimension. Michael Thomas will be making one-handed catches while cruising into his space ship that just got valet'd to the back of the end-zone for him. It will be INCREDIBLE!

On a more serious note, my hope is that the NFL finds a safe way for players to compete at the highest level possible without anyone getting COVID. That may be a tough task to complete, but these helmets seem like a pretty cool start.


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