We live in a unique state with unique names. Just ask anyone from up north how to pronounce Atchafalaya, Catahoula, or Chauvin. You get the picture. But some of our most beloved cities and towns in Louisiana got their start with different names than what they have now. Thanks to Only in Louisiana for the heads up! Check the list out below.

  • Madisonville - named after President James Madison in 1871, but before that it was know as 'Cokie', short for Couquille, and the plethora of shells in the area
  • Lafayette - founded by Jean Mouton in 1821, and originally called Vermilionville, the name was changed in 1864 in homage to General Marquis de Lafayette
  • Thibodaux - named after local planter Henry Schuyler Thibodaux, it was originally called Thibodauxville until 1838, where it was changed to Thibodeaux. In 1918 it was changed to the current spelling
  • Monroe - formerly known as Fort Miro, it was later named after President James Monroe
  • Morgan City - called Tigre Island at first, then Brashear, and then permanently named for steamship and railroad entrepreneur, Charles Morgan, who brought commerce and wealth to the area
  • Lake Charles - known as Charleston for awhile, but nobody liked that name, so it was renamed in 1867
  • Abbeville - La Chapelle was the original name, then Abbville, and in the 1860's, we think, it was renamed to it's current moniker
  • Shreveport - founded in 1836 by the Shreve Town Company, and named for Captain Henry Miller Shreve, in 1839 it got it's current name
  • Covington - in 1813, it was founded as the town of Wharton, and in 1816 it was renamed for either General Leonard Covington, or some whiskey made in the Bluegrass state (we like the whiskey version!)
  • Boyce - originally known as Cotile Landing until 1880, and then renamed for it's founder Judge Henry Boyce

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